’s Intellectual Property Rights means any intellectual or industrial property rights owned by and companies that operate and manage and link to it including:

The right to register (or submit an application for registration) of an invention, trademark, service mark, design or copyright protection in any country or territory, including the right to register for protection of rights according to any international treaty and the right to register for protection or to grant protection rights;
An invention, trademark, service mark or design has been registered or licensed in any country or territory;
Copyright in any country or territory;
Trade secrets, secrets and confidential information;
License or other right to use or grant the right to use any of the above items either the registered owner or user of any of the above items;
All Fanpage videos produced and published by us, we have all the rights, prohibit the act of copying video clips on our fanpage system!
All Intellectual Property rights of or in connection with are owned solely and exclusively by or legally licensed for to be used including updates and upgrades level. You acknowledge that you will not claim any ownership or interest in Intellectual Property Rights of Unless otherwise agreed by, you are not permitted to use, copy, publish, reproduce, transmit or distribute in any manner whatsoever, any of the intellectual property rights Wisdom of

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