Wind Media is a company established in December 2017 operating in the media field.

Despite being a young business, from the early days of the establishment of only 3 people, up to now, Wind Media has grown vigorously with a staff of more than 50 employees full of enthusiasm, creativity and passion.

With the slogan “Keep on moving”, we are always updating the latest and most modern communication trends in the world to bring the best valuable communication products to the community.


  • Become one of the leading multimedia organization in Vietnam.
  • Create a professional and civilized working environment for all members maximize their potential.
  • Create cultural values for communities and businesses in all media products.

Organizational structure

– Youtube Team:

  • 35-member team including Channel Management, Content Editor, Video Production, MC, SEO, Coder
  • Build and develop the system with more than 8 million followers with 14 channels. Over 100,000 subscribes to each channel on topics like Top Lists, Vlogs, News, Animation, Technology, Science, Daily Life.
  • Featured Channel: “What to watch Today” with 1,800,000 subscribers and hit the Youtube Gold button

–  Facebook Team:

  • 14-member team including Channel Management, Content Editor, Video Production, SEO, Ad Runner, Coder.
  • Build and develop the fanpages system with more than 10 millions likes for 30 sites. From 100,000 subscribes to each channel on topics like Animation, Synthesis, Technology, …  

Achievements acquired:

  • 50 members
  • 14 Youtube channels with more than 100.000 subscribers for each one.
  • 8 millions Youtube subscribers
  • 1 Youtube Gold Button
  • 9 Youtube Silver Buttons
  • 30 fanpage from 100.000 likes for each
  • 10 millions Facebook Fanpage likes


Wind Media always put the human factor on top, so the remuneration is always focused:

  • In addition to the basic salary, employees are rewarded according to turnover and performance; bonus on occasions; month 13th salary.
  • Team building once a month, travel twice a year.
  • Offers lunch and parking fee support

Core value:

  • Put human factor on top
  • Incessant creativity in everything
  • Keeping up with the trend and do not be afraid to change.